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          GNSS Timing and Synchronization Solutions



          ZTI Communications offers high precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) synchronization solutions, timing solutions and computer time synchronization devices. Suitable for networks or individual workstations or machines, our GNSS timing solutions, computer time synchronization devices and GNSS synchronization solutions can run on Windows, Unix or Linux platforms, delivering synchronization and reliable, accurate timestamping essential for fields such as security, broadcasting network synchronization and legal services.

          Timekeeping technologies such as the GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites and Network time protocol (NTP) provide real-time access to a close approximation to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) timescale, and are used for many synchronization applications.

          z052 USB GNSS Dongle with PPS

          The z052 GNSS dongle delivers 1PPS (Pulse per Second) signal usable by timing applications via serial port emulation.

          The z052 USB GNSS Dongle with PPS is used for timing and navigation applications.

          The Pulse Per Second (PPS) is an electrical signal that very precisely indicates the start of a second. The z052 GNSS chipset delivers the PPS signal with the accuracy 卤 20 nanoseconds (at chipset level).


          ModleReceiverType of ApplicationOutput
          P200GPSPosition, Velocity, Time / Static & Mobile1 Port RS232
          1 PPS-out
          P300GPSPosition, Velocity, Time / Static & Mobile1 Port RS232 + 1 Port USB
          1 PPS-out
          Position, Velocity, Time / Static & Mobile1 Port RS232 + 1 Port USB
          1 PPS-out
          Time / Stationary1 Port RS232 + 1 Port USB
          1 PPS-out

          Based on latest GNSS receivers generation (sensitivity @ -160dBm), the z150 Series fulfills many customer鈥檚 applications, thanks to its robust power supply (9-70Volts AEC-Q100 Automotive grade 1 qualified, powering is also possible directly through DB9 connectors).
          GPS RF signal through a FAKRA Blue connector, Industrial extended temperature qualified (-30掳C to +85掳C) the z150 Series is ideally suited for Embedded/Navigation and timing applications.
          z150 Series can be declined also in TIMING versions with dedicated features such as TRAIM and Self-Survey, 1PPS (15ns accuracy) through rears SMA connectors.
          If you are looking for a very accurate 1PPS to synchronize your systems, z150 Series corresponds to your needs, mechanically ready to use in an anodized enclosure, flanges for a robust fixing are supplied on request.

          z150 Series is simply the best choice for your commercial or industrial application.

          PPS    One Pulse Per Second    

          TRAIM    Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring algorithm (on clock and frequency) which automatically detects and rejects faulty satellites from the solution. TRAIM assures high PPS integrity.    

          Self-Survey    The receiver enters automatic Self-Survey mode on power-up during a period of time (10 or 20 minutes depending on the receiver) to ensure accurate reference position for improved timing accuracy. When the self-survey is complete, the receiver outputs PPS with only one satellite being tracked.    

          TSS-P software for Windows platforms.
          TSS (Time Service Software) updates PC clock with a guaranteed accuracy of 1(one) millisecond by using a GNSS receiver on a com port providing 1PPS and NMEA messages. The software includes specialized algorithms to guaranty the accuracy.    




          z250 has been designed around the Trimble庐 BD910 GNSS receiver module, originally for applications requiring high accuracy from multiple GNSS constellations in a very small enclosure . Mobile platforms can now embed proven Trimble RTK technology using a very compact enclosure 108.5 x 84 x 30mm form factor.

          Designed and manufactured in France, the product is fully tested whatever is the final configuration. This design ensures the high quality GNSS signals are protected from the sources of EMI on the host platform. It also significantly reduces radiated emissions which speeds compliance certification and time to market.


          z250 supports the L1 frequency from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass constellations. An L1 RTK engine delivers 1鈥? centimeter positions. For applications that do not require centimeter accuracy the Trimble integrated module, BD910, contains an advanced Kalman filter PVT engine that delivers high accuracy GNSS, DGNSS or SBAS positions in the most challenging environments such as urban canyons. Different configurations of the module are available from SBAS to multi-constellation L1 RTK. All features are password-upgradeable, allowing functionality to be upgraded as your requirements change. The receiver also supports Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) and Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) for safety-critical applications.


          Industry professionals trust Trimble embedded positioning technologies as the core of their precision applications. With the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell鈩?6 technology, the Trimble BD910 provides assurance of long-term future proofing and trouble-free operation. Moving the industry forward, the Trimble BD910 redefines high-performance positioning:

          On-board multipath mitigation,

          Proven low-elevation tracking technology.


          z250 was designed for easy integration and rugged dependability. Customers benefit from the Ethernet connectivity available from RJ45 connection, allowing high speed data transfer and configuration via standard web browsers. USB and RS-232 are directly available from the enclosure. As the product interface directly the Trimble module BD910, all the easy to use software commands simplify integration and reduce development times.

          KEY FEATURES

          Reduced size aluminum enclosure 108.5 x 84.0 x 30.0 mm

          Compact design for mobile applications

          220 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support

          GPS GLONASS GALILEO COMPASS QZSS SBAS (different configurations available)

          IPv4 NTP server /1 LAN Ethernet port:

          * Supports links to 10BaseT/100BaseT auto-negotiate networks
          * All functions are performed through a single IP address simultaneously including web GUI access and raw data streaming
          * Network Protocols supported:
               鈥?HTTP (web GUI)
               鈥?NTP Server
               鈥?NMEA, GSOF, CMR over TCP/IP or UDP
               鈥?NTripCaster, NTripServer, NTripClient
               鈥?mDNS/uPnP Service discovery
               鈥?Dynamic DNS
               鈥?eMail alerts
               鈥?Network link to Google Earth
               鈥?Support for external modems via PPP

          Integrated fully EMI shielded module

          Advanced Kalman filter PVT engine

          RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces

          L1 RTK centimeter level position accuracy

          Advanced Trimble Maxwell 6 Custom Survey GNSS Technology

          Supports FDE and RAIM

          Operating temperature range: -40掳C to + 85掳C


          The z1250 synchronization module can generate timing signals synchronized to UTC time thanks to the embedded GPS receiver. Two outputs are available, and each output can be set to one of the four available functions:

          TOP synchronization with frequency adjustment

          Time scheduler

          Twilight switch

          Out of Position (displaced buoys by example)


          ZTI Communications offers High Precision Time Service Software (TSS) for Windows platforms ensuring one millisecond guaranteed accuracy: TSS-N for use with a NTP server, TSS-P for use with a GNSS device via a communication port.


          TSS-N :: Time Service Software for Windows NTP Clients

          Today the Network Time Protocol (NTP) is widely used around the world, to synchronize the computers and provide a very precise time reference. NTP protocol supports an accuracy of time down to nanoseconds but the real accuracy which can be achieved depends on the operating system and the network performance.

          NTP relies on a reference clock to define the most accurate time and synchronizes all clocks on a network to that of the reference clock. NTP uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as the universal standard for current time. UTC is independent of time zones and enables NTP to be used anywhere in the world regardless of the time zone settings.

          An NTP time server is used to obtain the correct time from a time source and adjust the local time in each participating computer. The time source used by the time server is very important as this forms the basis of time updates across the whole network. Recent studies show that the use of Internet time servers is not recommended for industrial or commercial applications: there are high numbers of bad clocks, unbalanced nature of the network load, security reasons鈥?/p>

          So it is essential to use an accurate auditable time source such as a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) source or an atomic clock.

          An NTP time server synchronized by GPS for time synchronization on a computer鈥檚 network is an ideal professional level solution. But what is the uncertainty for the synchronized computer? (1, 10 or up to 50 milliseconds when using a NTP client on Windows computers).
          And what is the time accuracy and uncertainty delivered to the applications running on the synchronized computer?

          Key Benefits

          Ensures accurate time for applications running on Windows client machines

          Delivers precise time with uncertainty associated to the applications through an API

          Option to update or not Windows time

          TSS-N = Windows service running continuously and nothing else to do (no manual synchronization or parameters to adjust)

          Guaranteed accuracy of one millisecond for the PC running TSS-N thanks to the use of NTP and specific algorithms developed by ZTI Communications

          No more PC clock drift

          Application Examples

          Metrology, alarms and logs time-stamping, network traffic measurement, time-stamping authority, time transfer measurements, e-business, high frequency trading, financial network measurement and more鈥?/p>

          Product requirements

          Windows Vista, Seven, 10, Server 2003, 2008 & 2012 / 32 or 64-bit platforms

          License information

          TSS-N software is licensed on a per workstation basis. You need to purchase a separate license for each PC you install it on.

          Trial version

          A 15-day trial version is available for evaluation. Please email us for more information sales@zti-communications.com


          TSS-P :: Time Service Software for Windows Clients with a GNSS device (COM or USB port)

          High Precision Time Service Software TSS-P provides accurate time synchronization and updates automatically the PC clock. The software needs using a GNSS device via a communication port (USB / RS232 / RS422) providing 1PPS signal (Pulse Per Second) and NMEA messages (GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG).

          Synchronized to GPS/UTC with the 1PPS signal delivered by the GNSS device, TSS-P delivers a guaranteed accuracy of one millisecond thanks to sophisticated calculations and corrections algorithms developed by ZTI Communications.

          The PC clock is updated by TSS-P if the computer is not set to automatically synchronize with an Internet time server.

          Key Benefits

          Ensures accurate time for applications running on the computer

          TSS-P = Windows service running continuously and nothing else to do (no manual synchronization or parameters to adjust)

          Guaranteed accuracy of one millisecond for the PC running TSS-P thanks to the use of specific algorithms developed by ZTI Communications

          No more PC clock drift

          Display: satellite information / geolocation information / UTC time and PC clock with the time zone / Last windows clock update / status (synchronized or not, synchronization in progress鈥?

          Product requirements

          Windows Seven, 8 , 10, Server 2003, 2008 & 2012 / 32 or 64-bit platforms

          License information

          TSS-P software is licensed on a per workstation basis. You need to purchase a separate license for each PC you install it on.

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